Being a Greyhound Trainer is a hard life, with long working hours and very little financial reward. However, it offers a lifestyle away from the "rat race" and the opportunity to work with one of the most lovable animals on earth. 
At the GTA, we are always trying to improve the financial rewards for our trainers, but this is likely to be a long, hard campaign and people looking to join our ranks must realise that they should thoroughly check their finances before doing so and must keep a tight control of their purse strings after becoming a trainer. 


There are two categories of greyhound trainer but in both cases you must be over 18 years of age: 
Greyhound trainer - limited to training a maximum of 12 greyhounds for racing at any one time 
Professional trainer - can train more than 12 greyhounds for racing. Must have at least two years experience as a Greyhound Trainer or Head Kennelhand. 
For more information on becoming a trainer, follow this link to the Greyhound Board of Great Britain's website. 
To apply for a licence please write to or telephone: 
Greyhound Board of Great Britain 
6 New Bridge Street 
Tel: 020 7822 0900 
Fax: 020 7822 0901 
or submit email to GBGB 
All questions on the application form are compulsory and must be completed in full or the application will be returned to the applicant. 
A fee of £66 is required; this includes £60 for Kennel Inspection and £6 for a printed copy of the current GBGB Rules of Racing. An additional £8 should be submitted for each Kennel Hand, £10 for each Head Kennel Hand, and £10 for each Assistant Trainer Licence.  
The fee must be attached with the application form. In cases where the applicant requires a refund of the kennel inspection, this will only be possible if the kennel has not been inspected. 


Kennels and training facilities must conform to the schedule of minimum requirements for residential kennels. Please also see Rules 212 and 213 in the GBGB Rules of Racing. Applicants are reminded that a GBGB licence holder must provide overnight supervision at the kennels and that all Kennel Hands must be licensed. 


Applicants must have and be familiar with an up-to-date copy of the GBGB Rules of Racing. They will be examined on them by the Area Stipendiary Steward who makes an inspection of their kennels. 
The latest version can be found on the GBGB website


The annual licence fee for a Greyhound Trainer is £40 and for a Professional Greyhound Trainer is £50, both of which expire on 31 December every year. This fee includes the fortnightly publication to the GBGB Calendar. 
Trainers applications may take up to 8 weeks to be issued after being received. Applicants must also be aware that any application for any Trainers Licence does not guarantee approval by the Greyhound Regulatory Board. 


There are currently 24 GBGB licenced stadia. For up-to-date details of race nights and trial sessions at tracks it’s best to contact the Racing Office of each stadium. 
For contact details and other helpful information about specific tracks please see web-link GBGB tracks 
If you are considering registering as a trainer and wish to run at any of these tracks, you should discuss with the track as early as possible to ascertain up-to-date opportunities. 


It is important to the GTA that all Trainers apply for funding wherever they are eligible and do not meet full costs themselves if it can be avoided. As such, Trainers are urged to apply for the grants listed below when needed. 

Application Forms 

The area stipendiary steward should be the first point of contact when considering a grant and will discuss any proposals, offer advice and provide an application form. Alternatively, please contact the Welfare Department of the GBGB for more information. 
Please note these details were correct when provided by Duncan Gibson, Manager of Welfare and Integrity Services at the GBGB, early February 2013. 

Information on the GBGB website 

As the GBGB govern our sport and licence trainers, it is important that all trainers regularly check the monthly calendar or the GBGB website for updates to things such as the Rules of Racing and the Trainer Information page
It is also important for all trainers to be aware of the Anti-Doping policy, in particular the Calendar Notices which gives advice and notices to help ensure trainers don't fall foul of the anti-doping rules. 


The Trainers Assistance Fund (TAF) is operated by the Trainers Assistance Sub-Committee (TASC) which is a sub-committee of the Welfare Standing Committee (chaired by Sir Gordon Duff), who in turn appoints a Chairman for TASC. The secretary for this committee is the Manager of Welfare and Integrity Services or an alternate. 
The TASC has five members - the Chairman, two licensed trainers, an independent member and the Manager of Welfare and Integrity Services. Other individuals may be invited to meetings to discuss specific agenda items or if expert advice on a specific issue is required. Three members are required to form a quorum. 
Part of the business of the TASC is to operate and manage Trainers Assistance Fund, including considering applications for capital development grants, hardship, air management and travel cages (not currently applicable). 


The following notice regarding Improvement Notice Funding was received from Duncan Gibson, Manager of Welfare and Integrity Services at the GBGB, 15th November 2013: 
"Professional trainers, issued with an improvement notice by a stipendiary steward for failing kennel standards, may apply to the Trainers Assistance Fund for help with remedial works in order to bring the kennel back to an acceptable standard. In certain circumstances, funding may be provided up to 100% of the total cost and may, where necessary, exceed the grant ceiling of £6,000. 
A failure by the licence holder to act on the direction of an improvement notice may result in disciplinary action being taken, or a temporary suspension of that licence until such time the remedial work is completed to a satisfactory standard." 


These are available to professional trainers that have held a licence for > 12 months and to a maximum grant of £6,000 towards improving their facilities for the benefit of greyhounds in their care (for instance, new paddocks, replacement kennel doors, lighting, ventilation, renovations and new build kennels when replacing existing structure).  
An application form must be submitted with two bona fide quotes from a building contractor, to include labour and materials, capped at 50% or max of £6,000 excluding VAT. For trainers that wish to use their own labour, 75% of the grant is available based on cost of the materials, excluding VAT, and to a maximum of £6,000. 
Applications must be submitted before work commences. Rented kennels should include a copy of the lease or rental agreement. 
Notification of planned works must be made to your stipendiary steward who will visit the kennel, film the intended area of development and submit a report to the TASC committee. 
If the TASC decide to award a grant, then a follow up visit by a stipendiary steward is made on completion of the work and before payment is made. 


These are available to all trainers experiencing genuine financial hardship caused by illness, natural disaster, for example - to a maximum of £6,000. Supporting documentation should accompany the application form. Priority is given to professional trainers. 
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