29th September 2020 - Proposal to dissolve/strike off GTA from company register and discontinue GTA as a body 

Given the GBGB change to structure of governance in the industry in last few years, the intention is to dissolve the GTA. Any objections to this proposed course of action please register via 'Contact Us' page prior to 29th October 2020, 

9th Feb 2018 Woofles Kennel, Wales 

To GBGB (5th Feb 2018): 
We write in respect of the welfare position at Woofles kennel in Wales. 
Given the present ongoing and prior activities at Woofles kennel in Wales you will be aware that Trainers who gave their greyhounds either themselves or on behalf of owners for re-homing now find themselves being accused by other parties of passing these greyhounds on with little or no thought for the future welfare of the dogs. 
We understand the vast majority of dogs were given for retirement re-homing with a donation and the paperwork in order. Comments on social media suggest the GBGB has been aware of the less than satisfactory position of Woofles as long as 2 years ago. 
Please can you clarify the GBGB/RGT position in respect of the kennel and its activities, specifically: 
1. What action is being taken to address the situation and by whom? 
2. What measures do you intend to put in place to ensure this situation can never be allowed to happen again? 
3. Have all greyhounds been accounted for and i) how many have been re-homed with new owners and ii) how many are still in re-homing centres? 
4. How many greyhounds have been destroyed at Woofles kennel and if so how many former owners and trainers have been informed? 
We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. 
GBGB Reply 7th Feb 2018: 
Thank you for your email regarding Woofles Animal Rescue Centre in South Wales. 
As you are aware, Woofles is an independent animal rescue centre with no affiliation to the Greyhound Board or Greyhound Trust. GBGB is aware of comments made on social media relating to our knowledge of welfare conditions and homing methods used by this centre, these are untrue. GBGB became aware of the welfare standards and re-homing methods used by Woofles following a Facebook posting forwarded to us, and several complaints received from independent animal rescue centres – GBGB acted upon these complaints by issuing an email to all licensed racecourses and GBGB field staff. I believe a copy of this email was posted on Greyhoundscene by one of its members, UKtrader. 
In response to your questions and to clarify our position: 
1. GBGB has no jurisdiction over Woofles animal rescue centre and has advised trainers through its staff and racecourses not to use this centre to home greyhounds. The RSPCA is aware of the situation at Woofles and it is for the RSPCA to determine if there has been a breach of the Animal Welfare Act 2006. 
2. As you are aware, it is the owner’s responsibility for making acceptable arrangements for his / her retired greyhound under Rule 18 and GBGB will continue to enforce this rule to ensure greyhounds are re-homed responsibly. I can assure you and your members that GBGB will continue to liaise and work closely with the RSPCA where it believes greyhound welfare is at risk and will assist in any investigation to bring about a successful protection, and to ensure the future welfare of such greyhounds. 
3. I have been assured by several independent rescue centres that greyhounds taken from Woofles have either been successfully re-homed or are awaiting a home. GBGB is currently establishing the movement of greyhounds from GBGB registered trainers to Woofles, and thereafter. Given what information can be established will influence any future GBGB action. 
4. See answer to 3) 

8th February 2017 - Hand over of petition at GBGB offices on 23rd March 2017 

Due to overwhelming requests from stakeholders the GTA has been requested to organise a legal and properly administered peaceful marking of a handover of the following petition: 
to Tom Kelly, GBGB Chairman at GBGB offices at 6 New Bridge Street, London EC4V 6AB in City of London on 23rd March 2017, being the next GBGB Board meeting. The petition is on way to 1500 signatures and has grown rapidly since it has been confirmed the GBGB is under investigation for alleged fraud and bribery by the City of London Police Fraud Squad. 
Tom Kelly said on television a few days ago that his door is always open and he would talk to anyone. This is an opportunity for Mr Kelly to address stakeholders direct. 
Please consider signing the petition and make initial plans for arrival shortly prior to 11a.m Thursday 23rd March. 

7th February 2017 - Racing Post/GBGB confirm Police Investigation of GBGB and GBGB office Police visit 

The GTA has received enquiries from trainers in respect of the article in the Racing Post today (7th February 2017) whereby the GBGB confirmed officers from the City of London Police attended 6 New Bridge Street [GBGB’s head office (& registered office of British Greyhound Racing Fund)] in late December 2016 as part of an “ongoing investigation”. 
The Racing Post informs it is believed the police took away paperwork and computer records to assist with their inquiries. 
The Racing Post article states a spokesman for the City of London Police yesterday confirmed that allegations of fraud and bribery are being investigated. 
The GTA has no comment to make. All enquiries should be made to Tom Kelly, Chairman as the man in charge of the GBGB. 

15th September 2016 - Welfare scandal in media 

We refer to the GBGB website “About Us”.. 
“The GBGB is the body with responsibility for the governance, regulation and management of the sport of licensed greyhound racing…the GBGB is a centre for governance, regulation and welfare as well as a lead for commercial development and growth of the sport. It is committed to managing its functions to the highest standards achievable and being efficient, effective and accountable to those that it licenses, and the public.” 
The GTA has received many calls from trainers alarmed by alleged welfare problems at a GBGB licenced kennels where purportedly up to 40 greyhounds were removed by the RGT and independent ‘rescue’ organisations with graphic content now being released on media and social networking channels. Trainers who hold welfare very close to their heart inform us they fear they are being tarred with the same brush as individuals that seemingly do not and are worried they will be demonised unfairly in the media, their communities and among their friends & family. 
The Rules of Racing specifically has safeguards around kennel welfare and the GBGB is specifically bound by its Memorandum and Articles of Association “to enhance public confidence in the integrity of licenced greyhound racing” and “to be the governing, administrative and regulatory authority for licenced greyhound racing in Great Britain and to govern, administer, regulate, organise, develop and advance licenced greyhound racing in great Britain in every way in which the GBGB shall think necessary or desirable” 
We are receiving continuing comment that people believe the framework and fabric of the GBGB, including how it was presented to Parliament in December 2015 is nothing more than a make-believe misrepresentation. 
This latest welfare scandal, of which the GTA has been warning for years, does nothing to contradict this. 
Tom Kelly as GBGB Chairman has been on record more than once saying “Welfare is my priority”. 
As we have asked many times “who effectively regulates the regulator?” 
People will draw their own conclusions as to where “integrity” lies at the GBGB and what “the GBGB thinks is necessary or desirable” and indeed what is its “priority.” 

2nd September 2016 - Vote of No Confidence in GBGB Board 

The GTA has received numerous calls from trainers to call for a vote of "no confidence " in the GBGB board. The last time we had calls for a vote it was to have no faith in John Haynes which was carried by a unanimous verdict . This was completed nearly two years ago and it seems two years later that Chairman Tom Kelly agrees with the trainers. 
The GBGB has in our trainers opinion failed owners and trainers of this country and the Chairman has failed to deliver any funds for the the industry. 
See Stakeholder link here : Petition to Demand Resignation 

7th July 2016 - GTA Update 

The GTA is stunned by the actions of Tom Kelly in actioning Jim Reynolds' breakaway group of 20 to a seat on the Board, ignoring the other 304 professional trainers in the UK. The organisation was not even set up when he offered the seat, so the Chairman of the GBGB was in breach of his own articles. There used to be over 900 professional trainers and today we are down to just 324 - with only 50 having over 50+ dogs. 
Mr Kelly has achieved nothing in 18 months, and we have not had a penny from his chairmanship. The GBGB is now on probation for two years and has handed over the kennel regulation for outside UKAS accreditation in order to save its own skin and survive for self regulation. 
The CEO has only put out one statement all year, and trainers were told at a meeting by Kelly that he has to be micro-managed. But don’t worry - he is only seeing out his pension. This ill-fated Board is also responsible for the promotion of our sport and the welfare of our greyhounds. Total failure in both areas. 
Injuries are at an all-time high, and our track work is being completed by a liquidated company that has changed its name three times in the last few years - run by John Curran’s grandson, by the way. We really are at an all-time low with major discrepancies over invoices and the GBGB unable to hold a forensic audit requested by over 1,000 people in our industry. Yet the fact that they act on an e-mail of 20 says it all. 
The so-called 'streaming money' is just bookmakers paying themselves and dropping funds from the main fund - which is audited - and yet we don’t know how much the takings are from each race. The outcome will be a fall in the fund so that only the selected bookmaker-owned tracks give their own money to themselves. If an open race trainer runs on the streaming money, they get nothing - it goes to others at the individual track. Towcester is supposed to be the way forward - so why are they out of pocket? Harlow and Henlow don’t get anything and it is not fair. We are being divided: track v track and trainer v trainer under the chairmanship of Tom Kelly. The Chairman was chosen by Clive Feltham, so we asked why was an ex MP turned down for the job when we are now relying on Government Ministers to put pressure on the bookmakers, as Mr Kelly has failed. If we get anything, it will be through pressure on Parliament and not Mr Kelly's bookmaking friends, who he seems to be looking after but seem to have deserted him now. 
Tom Kelly is directing this under his chairmanship because "once a bookmaker always a bookmaker". The GTA will shortly hold its AGM and elections, and the alleged evidence of corruption and inflated work prices will be there for all to see. 
The GTA represents all trainers, including professional trainers as it has done for many years. You cannot discriminate, as the so-called professional trainer is only professional if you race over 12 dogs a week according to the GBGB. So there is no other licence for people who run their kennels as a business. 
We call upon Tom Kelly to put out a statement that he knows of no wrong-doing at the GBGB and he has not been shown any evidence. We were challenged by Tom Kelly to go to the police with our evidence, and this will be discussed by our professional and greyhound trainers at our AGM. I am pleased to have recently received renewed support from the GTA Executive Committee. 
Rick Holloway 

7th June 2016 - GBGB budget challenge and unorthodox Board Meeting actions - copy of emails 

The copy GBGB Board Meeting related e-mails here show that I personally was never really wanted by the Board and was basically set up by Tom Kelly to be voted off. I was being forced to sign accounts that were vague to say the least, and when I sent potential alleged wrongdoing details I was shouted down by the Board members and called a "vile piece of scum". 
Tom Kelly didn’t want anything minuted and he was supporting bookmakers in every way. In private, Mr Kelly stated he knew Mr Haynes and Mr Curran had done wrong and he needed to get rid the ‘dinosaurs' as he called them, but then denied it in public.. 
Rick Holloway 

23rd May 2016 - GBGB Board Structure 

The GTA notes Tom Kelly's remarks on the configuration of the GBGB Board in Racing Post article by Jim Cremin of 20th May 2016. On the basis of what Mr Kelly says, the board of directors of the GBGB has acted to disenfranchise the GTA from membership and from holding a directorship of the GBGB, as had been provided in 2015 and following the recommendations of Lord Donoghue in his report of 2007 that GTA should have representation in the running of the GBGB. The GTA has received legal advice that the actions of the individuals concerned are unlawful and is reserving its legal rights. 
The GTA also notes Mr Kelly goes on to state that Linda Jones’ nomination to the GBGB Board has been declined. Neither Linda Jones nor the GTA have received communication on this despite the GTA awaiting from the GBGB a reply to its correspondence putting forward Ms Jones and in which the GBGB has to date offered no reason (in accordance with its own rules) as to why Ms Jones’ nomination should not be accepted. Contrary to Mr Kelly's comments, the GTA has not made defamatory comments and indeed this will be shown this is the case. 
Rather than looking to engage with the industry as Mr Kelly claims, the actions of the GBGB board have the opposite effect, as it looks to close down any challenges to the running of the organisation and to continuing calls for proper accountability and transparency. 

19th May 2016 - Linda Jones Nomination to GBGB Board 

The GTA has put forward on numerous occasions the nomination of Linda Jones to sit on the GBGB Board. The GTA has not changed its articles of association of any membership since Rick Holloway was allowed his seat on the board which he succeeded in obtaining for trainers so it’s a straight forward Yes or No to Linda Jones. 
The GTA represents all trainers as it has done for many years and yet Mr Kelly seeks to name call yet again with so-called cheap shots and rule by division by removal of all non-professional trainers. We would remind Tom Kelly our deputy chairman is Charlie Lister OBE and we are fully backed by over 700 trainers including Liz and Rab McNair. It is the GBGB and him as Chairman that has failed to deliver on the promise of funding and the total failure of our sport is down to their policies. 
Linda Jones is an ex-NGRC steward , ex-Champion Trainer and as quoted by Tom Kelly “highly respected“ within the industry and yet the owner of Imperial Kennels housing Mark Wallis ( WHO SUPPORTS LINDA ) cannot even get a reply from Tom Kelly. The GBGB seem to be manufacturing a set up after so-called Q&A from Tom Kelly in the Racing Post on Sunday followed two days later by the set up letter falsely claiming 20 named trainers had signed a letter organised by Jim Reynolds. We have talked to a number of the leading trainers purporting to support this letter and they have said they have not signed any letter. It seems the governing body want on the board a ‘Yes Man’ within their ranks. Why? 
Again what is there to hide? EFRA recommended in their report that the GBGB be put on a two year probation, is there any wonder with actions of the board... 
We have no extra money coming into this sport and yet the GBGB want to play games with the GTA while the welfare of greyhounds suffer, trainers suffer and they treat our industry with contempt. The current board are to blame including the chairman who gave away streaming of our dogs for free til the end of the year, allowed BAGS to manipulate greyhound racing and yet they fail to give Linda Jones a woman who has risen to the top of our industry the courtesy of a reply. 
The GTA enclose correspondence attached to show that the GBGB have been stalling and trying to set up a manufactured representative. See GBGB initial response to Linda Jones’ nomination here and email chain on Linda Jones nomination here. 

3rd May 2016 - Peterborough Stakeholder Meeting postponed 

A number of proposed participants including trainers with Derby runners have asked for the Stakeholder Meeting scheduled for 8th May to be postponed until the Derby has concluded. A further notification will be posted in due course. 

14th April 2016 - Stakeholder Meeting, Peterborough Sunday 8th May 2016, 2pm 

A stakeholder meeting will take place on Sunday 8th May 2016 from 2pm-4pm (or as long as you can stay for) at The Falcon Hotel 1 London Street, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, PE7 1BH. 
This location has been chosen as it's a central point for all to travel to. It's approx 10 min drive East of central Peterborough, on a main road and is easy access with ample car parking. 
The Stakeholder meeting will be attended by Owners and Trainers and other parties welcomed. Its purpose is to discuss the current position in the industry and constructively seek practical solutions to inclusively move forward. You are invited to be part of an amicable conversation and to hear your view as a stakeholder and hear other stakeholder views and share key points of topical discussions in the industry. 
The GBGB, BGRF, FBGOA & GBF have been invited. 
We look forward to seeing as many stakeholders as possible. 
The GTA is coordinating the venue arrangement. Here are directions/map for the Falcon Hotel. 

1st April 2016 - Linda Jones full speech at 1000 signature GBGB & BGRF Petition hand over 

Linda Jones speech can be read (2 pages) here Linda Jones speech at GBGB/BGRF Petition hand-over 

31st March 2016 - Response to Greyhound Star article of 29th March 2016 

We refer to Greyhound Start article published on its website dated 29th March 2016 “Editors Chair : You put your allegation in…” 
Linda Jones’ statement and ‘actions’ on 24th March outside GBGB offices were in no way a U-turn, nor should they be compared to actions of a person who has been convicted of appalling sex crimes. 
Rick Holloway, the GTA Chairman, in his letter to GBGB Chairman of 14th December 2015 or the GTA generally have not alleged corruption but instead highlighted issues which raise questions that need to be answered. 
The Greyhound Star believes it is “plain fact, being chairman of the GTA should not be a difficult job” - this seems contrary to almost everybody in the industry that believes being a full time trainer and unpaid GTA Chairman is an exceptionally difficult job. 
We note this Greyhound Star comment “Of course they (GTA) did expose Greyhound Star for secretly taking adverting money from the GBGB and the BGRB before that. Brilliant detective work boys. In hindsight I do feel we could have hidden it better though.” 
“Most trainers can’t be arsed to think or act” the Greyhound Star states – we believe this to be insulting to trainers that the Greyhound Star acknowledges are in desperate need of help. 
The Greyhound Star may or may not have access to the GTA’s unanswered communiques, many of which have been published, it would seem the Greyhound Star’s ideas of ”engagement” is different to the GTA’s and very many others. 
Contrary to the Greyhound Star’s view the GTA does not have a “paramilitary” wing and we suggest the Greyhound Star researches the definition of the word. 
We note with interest the Greyhound Star’s quoting of a figure of £400,000 for a forensic audit and wonder how it arrived at such an elevated figure and what, if any, guidance it received, and from whom, to arrive at such an imaginary figure.. 
Furthermore the article shows very little understanding of the real issues in the industry and readers can decide for themselves on its content and its loose, disrespectful and colourful language. 
The Greyhound Star is the self-titled “No.1 Voice of the Industry”. Its silence, or muting, in respect of 1000 signatures of owners and trainers big and small and others demanding a forensic audit is deafening. 

23rd March 2016 - View here approaching 1000 petition signers demanding forensic audit 

View approaching 1000 petition names/signatures of those demanding forensic audit of GBGB & BGRF as at 23rd March 2016. 

Response to GBGB Solicitor letters/Static Demonstration at GBGB offices 24th March 2016 

Freeths is a law firm with over 700 staff based in 11 cities across UK and is representing a number of individuals, including trainers, who have received GBGB’s solicitor letters following their right to peaceful demonstration at GBGB offices on 28th January 2016. A number of the allegations made in the GBGB’s solicitor letter and printed in the Racing Post are believed to be erroneous and you can see Freeths letter of response here which is published - here-Solicitor letter - by the GTA with the authority of the relevant individuals. 
The Greyhound Trainers Association urges industry stakeholders who do not feel they have an effective voice in the decision making of the industry and who feel a forensic investigation is required into GBGB & BGRF records to attend the static gathering outside GBGB offices at 6 New Bridge Street, London,EC4V 6AB. 
The static demonstration is scheduled to take place between 8.30a.m - 11.30a.m Thursday 24th March 2016 and its objective is to hand over a petition envisaged at over 1000 signatures to the GBGB Chairman demanding a forensic investigation into GBGB & BGRF records. 
As trainer Rab McNair uttered recently on RPGTV "Where has the money gone?" 
The City of London Police have received formal notification from the GTA of 24th March proposed event and have confirmed to the GTA they have asked the GBGB to have a GBGB staff member on hand to receive the petition at 11:00am. 
The Greyhound Trainers Association wishes to state it is organising a peaceful gathering and there is no place for any profanities or violence under any circumstances. We hope, this time, that GBGB officials will act similar non-belligerent manner and without hostility. 
We repeat, under no circumstances is there any room for vitriolic abuse as displayed by component of the GBGB Board at end of January. If you attend and are abused by GBGB officials we recommend strongly people walk away and only act in a peaceable manner. Please do not attend if you are unable to follow this approach. 

8th March 2016 - Juvenile limited Owners and Trainers meeting at Wimbledon 

We are disappointed that Mr Kelly called an impromptu same day verbal only invite meeting for a minority of the nation's owners and trainers, for which the GTA Committee did not receive formal notice. As we have called for before, we would prefer a professional modus operandi with formal written down agenda and/or invitation, particularly given recent events.  
If hostilities have indeed ceased we expect to receive immediate formal notification from the GBGB that i) Linda Jones will be accepted onto the GBGB Board ii) the GTA 2016 grant is paid iii) the GTA nominations are accepted onto GBGB committees. We look forward to concrete tangible progress being made and evidenced.  

5th March 2016 - GBGB issue legal letters Racing Post Article 

Mr Kelly is wrong in calling 28th January meeting an "illegal demonstration". The City of London Police were present and were complimentary of the expression of those people present. For him to say staff and Directors were fearful for their safety is a misrepresentation/farcical, as video shows. Either the article is another gross misrepresentation or it's a mis-print and Mr Kelly was actually referring to the abuse and sexual swear words shouted by Mr John Curran, GBGB Director - the only person to swear on that day. We agree with Mr Kelly this is "simply unacceptable behaviour" See it here : Caution sexual swear words - 39 second video 

26th February 2016 - Sign the petition to demand forensic audit into the records of GBGB & BGRF 

Please read comments at the bottom of the petition page, sign the petition and email it to people you know who care about the plight of the Greyhound Racing Industry. View and Sign Petition by Clicking Here 
Please leave a public comment if you choose. Here is one such comment. 
"I'm signing because, as an accountant by profession and having been involved in the sport for 25 years, I believe that millions of pounds have been wasted over year due to mis-management, greed and wrong doing." Barrie Clegg, London. 

25th February 2016 - Read letter to Tom Kelly/Ralph Topping of May 2014 following Luton stakeholder meeting forecasting devastating negative impact on welfare and accompanying adverse publicity for bookmaking industry 

Following spring 2014 stakeholder Luton meeting - Read Charlie Lister OBE and Rick Holloway letter to Tom Kelly & Ralph Topping (then) William Hill CEO dated 6th May 2014 below. There was no reply. Chaser letters sent 30th May 2014 and 10th June 2014. There was no reply. 
"The purpose of this letter is to convey the significant concerns of many in the greyhound racing industry that your monies, in the form of levy contributions, are not being optimally utilised in providing the necessary support in caring for greyhounds.......Any failure to meet this urgent challenge will undoubtedly hasten the collapse of the framework of trainers, welfare organisations and owners with a devastating negative impact upon the welfare of greyhounds. When this occurs, it will very quickly be accompanied by acute adverse publicity for the bookmaking industry." 

25th February 2016 - EFRA Committee Report on Greyhound Welfare GTA COMMENT MEDIA STATEMENT 

Media Statement from the Greyhound Trainers Association (GTA) 
We welcome and fully support the report and will work to ensure that its recommendations are implemented as soon as possible. 
The report is a damning expose of a lack of leadership, poor communications and a wilful exclusion of stakeholders who put greyhound welfare above commercial considerations. 
Many of EFRA’s concerns were raised in the 'GTA Statement of Case' of May 2014. No response was received from the GBGB. 
Injury and retirement data collection and publication have also been subject of GTA concern and were raised with DEFRA/DCMS at a meeting in October 2014. This was also prompted by a lack of response from the GBGB. 
We were always under the impression that Mr Tom Kelly was given the Chairman’s job to improve the funding position of the industry which would include an attempt at securing a statutory levy. However this does not reconcile with an obvious lack of appetite to secure a statutory levy as displayed at the EFRA evidence session on 8th December 2015. 
Consequently we are uncertain as to what the GBGB’s objectives are in this area, or to what degree it values trainers and owners or indeed the industry’s long term future. This is reinforced by our previously stated concerns surrounding leadership and the absence of a strategic plan for the industry. 
We especially welcome EFRA’s comments in support of the improvement of track maintenance and training for kennel staff. These are both areas where the GTA has taken the lead, using its own initiative and resources. 
We remain exceptionally concerned about the lack of communication with trainers regarding the proposed new trainers kennel specifications. We hope that we will be fully involved with creating a standard that meets the needs of greyhounds. 
We are pleased EFRA are recommending publication of injury data so we might move to a position where owners and trainers can make an informed judgement on which tracks they wish to run their dogs, and that tracks that require remedial work can receive urgent assistance to address any problems. This is long overdue and dogs have paid the price. 
A recurring theme of the report is that the GBGB have withheld data that could have led to significant improvements if shared with practitioners. This gives the impression of an industry that does not care about its dogs. We believe this brings the sport into disrepute, and reflects terribly, and unfairly, on owners and trainers. 
Where transparency and relationship building with stakeholders has so obviously been required we have seen inactivity, opacity, obfuscation and silence. This is not the behaviour expected of a governing body and regulator. 
The GBGB has failed the industry, its practitioners and, most importantly, the greyhounds in its care. 
We believe the first step to address the requirement to regain trust (as EFRA notes) is to commission an independent forensic audit into the records, processes and procedures of the GBGB & BGRF and start the journey to building a sustainable business model where welfare comes first. 
Press Enquiries : David Houfton, Secretary, Greyhound Trainers Association 
Tel: 07739 556633 International +44 7739 556633 

25th February 2015 - Parliamentary EFRA Committee Report on Greyhound welfare 

Please find House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee Report on Greyhound welfare published 25th February 2016 EFRA REPORT CLICK HERE 
Please find House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee Report on Greyhound welfare accompanying Press Release below published 25th February 2016 – 

18th February 2016 - Sign the petition to demand forensic audit into the records of GBGB & BGRF 

Please read comments at the bottom of the petition page, sign the petition and email it to people you know who care about the plight of the Greyhound Racing Industry. View and Sign Petition by Clicking Here 
Please leave a public comment if you choose. Here is one such comment. 
"I'm signing because, as an accountant by profession and having been involved in the sport for 25 years, I believe that millions of pounds have been wasted over year due to mis-management, greed and wrong doing." Barrie Clegg, London 

8th February 2016 - GBGB Chairman Tom Kelly speaks to Radio 4 - listen here 

Radio 4 asks Mr Kelly some questions on publication of data and on bookmaker funding. 
Listen to Questions and Answers. 
Forward to 3 mins 40 secs and listen for 90 seconds to hear Mr Kelly's plans for Kennel inspections and injury data publication - Click here 
Forward to 6 mins 10 secs and listen for 100 seconds to hear about Mr Kelly's Bookmaker funding plans - Click here 

4th February 2016 - An expert offers to work for free on track safety for GBGB 

Dunham schooling track built from scratch by the GTA Secretary is considered by many leading trainers to be the safest in the UK. Please find short email exchange between GTA Secretary and GBGB Chairman with offer to work without payment to improve track safety at GBGB tracks. There has been no reply to the final email of the 3 email chain. View it here 

3rd February 2016 - 24 months since Deloitte Report published 

Commissioned by the GBGB reputedly for a six figure sum, it's now 24 months since the Deloitte Economic Impact of British Greyhound Racing report was published. Published without Conclusion, Summary Actions or Recommendations. We are not aware of any outputs as a consequence of the report. Read it here Deloitte  

28th January 2016 - GTA Chairman is removed from GBGB Board 

Rick Holloway is removed from GBGB Board - letter  

27th January 2016 - GBGB actions and communication 

Rick Holloway is unwell, convalescing following two heart operating procedures and we wish him a speedy recovery and a return to the GTA fold. 
Despite Rick giving formal notice in December 2015 of his hospitalisation for heart surgery and Linda Jones temporarily assuming Acting Chair of GTA the GBGB Chairman has formally refused to allow Linda Jones to attend the January 2016 GBGB Board meeting to represent the GTA nominated Board position. (see email exchange in 'story' below). 
Despite formal requests from a legal GBGB Director to the GBGB Chairman and also to the Secretary of GBGB it is regrettable that the GBGB will not provide the GTA with the GBGB Whistleblowing Policy. 
A formal request by a legal Director of GBGB to the GBGB Chairman, to commence a formal forensic accounting investigation into very serious matters contained in the GTA letter dated 14th December 2015 to the GBGB Chairman was made (see it here). 
You can see the abusive and threatening response here 
The GTA would not normally make such material public but given the demeaning, insulting and aggressive nature of this letter we believe it is important to be transparent and provide a view of the nature of the GBGB Chairman's communication and the contempt shown for trainers of this country. 
In reply to Charlie Lister O.B.E's open letter to the industry of 11th January 2016 (see it here) the GBGB Chairman said in the Racing Post on 22nd January 2016, whilst criticizing the GTA “If Charlie feels he can contribute to a process that is not just so much rhetoric, I would be happy to meet with him”. 
Charlie Lister O.B.E wrote a formal letter to the current GBGB Chairman dated 6th May 2014 (as then BGRF Chairman) detailing the growing concerns of trainers, welfare organisations and owners. There was no reply. Charlie wrote again on 30th May 2014 asking for a reply to his letter. There has been no response. 
Given the abuse the current GTA Chairman has experienced both in writing and in the GBGB December 2015 Board Meeting, even with a QC present - a meeting the GBGB Chairman was ostensibly in control of, we would have concerns if Charlie Lister O.B.E, Deputy Chairman, was exposed to similar levels of abuse at a meeting. 
The GTA Committee. 

27th January 2016 - GBGB refusing to allow GTA Acting Chair attend GBGB Board Meeting - email exchange 

From: Tom Kelly [] 
Sent: 19 January 2016 15:04 
Cc: Barry Faulkner <>; Akin Yilmaz <> 
Subject: RE: GBGB Board Meeting 28th January 2016 
Dear Linda 
I am now able to respond to your proposal that you should deputise for Mr Holloway at the GBGB Board meeting on 28th January. I am afraid that you have been misinformed as I did not agree ‘such a scenario’ with Mr Holloway. What I said to him was that if he wished to have a deputy he should write to me nominating a particular person and that I would place the nomination before the Board. If accepted, that person would then become his formally agreed deputy. I did not receive any nomination from Mr Holloway and therefore no such arrangement exists. 
With regard to your request that that motion to remove Mr Holloway from the Board be postponed until a future Board meeting, we can see no reason to agree to this. Mr Holloway was given an opportunity at the December meeting to explain his behaviour and refused to do so. He was then given 28 days to rectify this and, to date, has not done so. 
Yours sincerely 
Tom Kelly 
From: Tom Kelly [] 
Sent: 13 January 2016 11:58 
Cc: Barry Faulkner <> 
Subject: Re: GBGB Board Meeting 28th January 2016 
Dear Linda 
I am not yet in a position to respond to your request. I will do my best to get back to you in the first half of next week. 
Tom Kelly 
From: [] 
Sent: 13 January 2016 11:29 
To: Tom Kelly <> 
Cc: Akin Yilmaz <> 
Subject: GBGB Board Meeting 28th January 2016 
Dear Tom, 
I refer to my email of 7th January, please can you confirm the points, as I need to make travel and other arrangements. 
Thank you, 
Yours sincerely 
Linda Jones 
Welfare Director & Acting Chair 
Greyhound Trainers Association 
From: [] 
Sent: 07 January 2016 14:00 
To: Tom Kelly ( <> 
Cc: Akin Yilmaz <> 
Subject: GBGB Board Meeting 28th January 2016 
Dear Tom, 
I write as acting Chair (until at least early February 2016) of the GTA. I write on 2 points: 
1) Rick Holloway will be recovering from heart surgery and therefore will be unable to attend 28th January 2016 GBGB Board Meeting. I would like to attend on behalf of GTA in his place. I understand such a scenario has been agreed by you previously, so I write to request this be formalised for the 28th January 2016 meeting, and that I receive normal Board papers prior, to this email address. Many thanks. 
2) It appears Rick's health has deteriorated immediately post the December GBGB Board Meeting including requirement for time and treatment at hospital for his existing heart condition. As such he has been unable to spend time on effective defence to the Board's wish to dismiss him as GBGB Board Director on 28th January 2016 so I write to request the motion to dismiss be postponed, in the circumstances. 
I look forward to hearing from you, 
Yours sincerely 
Linda Jones 
Welfare Director & Acting Chair 
Greyhound Trainers Association 

13th January 2016 - Charlie Lister O.B.E open letter to trainers and interested stakeholders 

Please find a letter from Charlie Lister, Deputy Chairman of GTA to trainers and interested stakeholders here 
Text as follows: 
To the Nation's Trainers and Interested Stakeholders - 11th January 2016 
I wrote an open letter in November 2014 covering points including: bookmakers make annual profits of £237 million yet trainers are losing a net £3 million and the consequences of this; not needing a rocket scientist to tell you that things need to change and that the hands-on people in the industry have to get a much fairer deal; how reports and reviews get put on a shelf and all gets forgotten about and that this needed to be put right if the industry is to survive; that we can continue to fight amongst ourselves until there is nothing left to fight over or we can back the GTA’s demands for a fairer deal for all. 
I’ve looked at the EFRA oral evidence given last month and continue to shake my head. 
The BAGS representative said just for picture rights track owners were paid £14m in 2005 but in 2014 received £27m. I wonder if prize money has also gone up by 93% in last 9 years? I’m guessing most trainers will think their costs have risen more than 93% in that time, and if anything I’d think their kennel bills rates would be static but total received would be less given so many owners have left the industry and are spending less, given the state of the industry. 
To be honest I couldn’t make out what’s going on with injury statistics. And same with kennels, all I know is if it’s going to see additional cost then this should be footed by the bookmakers for all trainers in my view, given the excessive profits they’re making at expense of owners and trainers. 
Talking of bookmakers funding I was extremely disappointed not to see the GBGB jump at the EFRA Chairman’s asking twice the question “do you want a statutory levy?” Talk of building relationship with bookmakers to improve funding surely beggars belief given the Deloitte and countless other reports and reviews stating how badly trainers are doing financially that cost a fortune to commission get put on a shelf and forgotten about never to see the light of day again, and nothing is ever done. 
Regardless of your views on the GTA not being allowed on GBGB Committees or being kicked off the GBGB Board or put up on inquiry charges for god knows what I tell you this: The GTA wants improved welfare for dogs, it wants improved conditions and a fair deal for trainers and their staff (which means fair prize money for owners) and it wants a viable and sustainable industry to pass down to the next generation. Write to me and tell me if I’m wrong with any of this - contact Charlie. I need convincing the current custodians have similar objectives. 
I finished my November 2014 letter “we can continue to fight amongst ourselves until there is nothing left to fight for or we can stand together with the GTA and back GTA demands for a fairer deal for all of us” and I repeat this now. I can only see that by joining together to fight to correct the massive financial imbalance in the industry that the important things in the industry will begin to recover. This fight must be taken to those outside the industry because those of influence inside the industry have neither listened, nor helped and appear NOT to want to. 
Is there a strategic plan or blueprint for our sport? Or is the idea to have bookmaker only tracks so they can take 100% profit? 
Yours faithfully, 
Charles Lister O.B.E 
Deputy Chairman 
For & on behalf of Greyhound Trainers Association 

31st December 2015 - DEFRA consultation - Response to Question 11 (submitted) 

It is regrettable that the Greyhound Trainers Association, although constitutionally recognised by the GBGB, has never been consulted regarding a matter that will impact on every licensed trainer and the greyhounds in their care. 
• Option 'B' appears to be a 'done deal', but we welcome it in principle. 
We support the involvement of BSI and UKAS and look forward to working with all stakeholders in developing a specification that will provide a consistent benchmark for all kennels. 
• All parties must adhere to the letter and spirit of 'The Principles of Regulation'. 
The new specification must not be used to price smaller kennels out of the market, put unnecessary barriers in the way of new-entrants or stifle the development of existing kennels. 
We are strongly opposed to any hidden or unfair subsidies. Any industry funding for improvements must allocated in a way that does not undermine 'The Principles of Regulation' and should be externally audited. 
• There cannot be a 'one size fits all' standard that kills off the grass-roots. 
Any specification must allow for a small number of dogs to be trained in a domestic environment, the use of commercially manufactured kennels and the adaptation of existing domestic buildings. 
We wish to develop a specification that will encourage the next generation of greyhound trainers and sets appropriate standards. 
We are opposed to any attempt to reduce the current number of greyhound trainers by over-regulation or inappropriate subsidy.Click on this text to edit it. 

23rd Dec 2015 - Letter to GBGB Chairman, incl Crayford Vet's report 

Please see letter and attachments sent to GBGB Chairman 14th December 2015 click here : Letter & Attachments 
The GBGB will not respond to our communiques so it was decided amongst GTA Executive Committee to make people aware of GTA findings and views (+Rick Holloway's given his statutory duty as a legal GBGB Director) in respect of important matters. 
We hear a lot about "working together" but regrettably this does not happen in practice. The dogs and people of this industry, and the future, are too important for the GTA to stand silent. 
Given there has been no reply addressing the very important points Rick Holloway has been forced to take other actions, as per his statutory responsibility, and particularly given this letter from GBGB Chairman dated 21st December 2015, which is a precursor to Rick Holloway's removal from GBGB Board click here Letter 

23rd Dec 2015 - GTA Chairman temporarily steps down + Compliments of the Season 

I will be stepping down from the GTA board today until the middle of February due to an operation on the 6th January 2016. 
I would like to thank you for all your help this year and looking forward to rejoining in the middle of February 2016. 
All GTA decision making has now been handed over to Linda Jones as acting GTA Chairman and the Board in my absence. 
Happy Xmas and Best Wishes to you and your family and our dogs in 2016. 
Rick Holloway 

6th Nov 2015 - Consultation on the initial findings of the Review of the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations 2010‏ 

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 
Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR 
Dear Stakeholder, 
Consultation on the initial findings of the Review of the Welfare Of Racing Greyhounds Regulations 2010 
Defra are currently reviewing the effectiveness of the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations 2010. As the Regulations have now been in force for 5 years, Defra wants to find out to what extent they have achieved their original objectives; are those objectives and scope still valid; and is regulation still the best option for achieving those objectives? 
We have already gathered wide-ranging evidence in an attempt to answer the above questions and now want to hear your views on these initial findings as well as some of the proposed options for further action to address the issues raised. This consultation is an opportunity for anyone to comment on the findings, options and submit further evidence. 
You or your members may have contributed to the initial evidence gathering stage of the review. If so, we would still like to receive your views on the overall initial findings. If this email has come to you as a representative of an organisation or forum, we would be grateful if you could forward this email to your members to alert them to this consultation. Their views would also be welcome. 
Reflecting the evidence gathering work that had already been undertaken, this consultation will run for 8 weeks from 6 November 2015 to 31 December 2015 
Please respond to this consultation using the Citizen Space consultation system: Click Here 
This is our preferred method of receiving responses as it is the fastest and most cost-effective way for us to collate and analyse responses. However, if you wish to respond to the consultation by email or in writing, details of how else you can respond can be found in the 'Responding to the Consultation' section of the main consultation document. 
Please make sure your responses reach us by 31 December 2015. 
Email = 

2nd November 2015 - Racing Post article - GTA representation on GBGB Committees 

We read the Chairman of the GBGB's comments in Racing Post on Saturday 31st October 2015 with the same sense of bewilderment that we had reading Mr Kelly's ' "clowns" attack' on Linda Jones and others in the GTA last year. 
We have continually chased the GBGB for information on Committees - basic information such as 'can we have a list of Committees'. On 3rd August 2015 by email to GBGB Secretary we wrote "was looking for more of a steer on the work of these Committees to enable us to match suitable representation" No information was forthcoming from GBGB and they've asked us for nothing further. 
By email reply to GBGB Secretary to their request for more information on one individual, on 9th September 2015 we sent the individual's Greyhound CV including dates registered as Kennel Hand in 1970's, Assistant Trainer in 70's & 80's and as Trainer in 2000's. We finished the email "Please advise any further information you require". We received nothing back. 
We asked for and received email confirmation that 'GTA Committee Nominations' has been tabled as Agenda point for GBGB Board meeting, this has not been properly discussed by Board Members at such Board meeting. 
Mr Kelly when he was appointed Chairman promised us he would ensure GTA were able to be properly represented on Committees. Mr Kelly has now advised he wishes to discuss matters GBGB Chairman to GTA Chairman verbally only and will not reply to emails from GTA. 
We invite the reader to read the Racing Post article of 31st October 2015 and draw your own conclusions in respect of "groundhog day" and "deja vu" and no doubt readers will have their own views on the Committees' progress on e.g. Welfare and Track Safety over the last 3 years the GTA has been trying to be appointed to Committees. 
We are informed some GTA nominations are 'unsuitable' but despite asking for reasoning in writing, none is forthcoming. A person widely considered to have built the safest track in the UK is deemed 'not suitable' by GBGB to contribute his views to improving track safety welfare, but GBGB will not explain why. 
No doubt readers will also have a view on whether the GBGB's commissioning of, and payment to, Nolan Partners in searching for a new Chairman was value for money use of industry funds. 
The industry needs to be led with professionalism, integrity and modernity. Broken promises, hollow words on welfare and on 'working together', misrepresentation, and refusing to put matters in writing/'on the record' together with name-calling both of GTA figures and other GBGB Board members will not move the industry forward. 

8th September 2015 - GTA AGM 23rd September 2015 Peterborough 

Greyhound Trainers Association AGM 23/9/2015, 6.30pm Lime Tree Pub, Paston Lane, Peterborough, PE4 6HA 
1. Summary of activity & progress since last AGM 
2. Financial summary of year 
3. Focus areas for 12 months ahead 
4. Welfare Action Plan 
5. Executive Committee Nominations considered & voting elections* (excluding Chairman) 
6. AOB 
* Any nominations to Executive Committee, for any persons qualifying who are not currently on Executive Committee, to be received by registered post 7 clear days prior to AGM to The Secretary, GTA, Field House Farm, Dunham Road, Darlton, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 0TA, in line with the GTA rules. 
If any clarification required on any matter please send email via "Contact Us" 
Refreshments will be available to purchase on site. 

2nd July 2015 - DOGS Trust Welfare Report & MP discussion 

The recent DOGS Trust Welfare report and the questions in respect of it that have been raised in the Houses of Parliament by Angela Smith MP have come to our attention. We have had no contact with either party in respect of this subject. 
This report is the latest in a long line of reports clearly pointing to the inequality of financial return among stakeholders, with trainers and staff and greyhound welfare suffering particularly as a consequence. The sharp reduction in number of trainers and owners tells its own story. 
The Deloitte Report of March 2014 underlined the three million pounds trainers are losing and the near quarter of a billion pounds the bookmakers earn from our industry, each year. 
When, sadly, Racing Post articles mentioning trainers severely struggling financially or that have given up are a frequent occurrence, it comes as no shock to any party that not all trainers can afford to maintain the very highest kennel standards. 
A number of areas of the DOGS Trust report directly cover the points the GTA raised in its Statement of Case of May 2014 and its DEFRA/DCMS report to Government of October 2014, for which despite numerous requests we have received no help, discussion reply or engagement from any governing body or party. 
GTA supports any initiative that moves towards the position of a just and equitable return for trainers and staff and continuous improvement in welfare conditions for racing and retired greyhounds, very likely arrived at by an adjustment of income among the greyhound industry stakeholders. Once again, we ask the GBGB - the body with responsibility for the governance, regulation and management of the sport and the lead for the commercial development and growth of the sport to take action to ensure a fair distribution of funds in the industry, with a step change in the funding for trainers and greyhound welfare, in order to arrest the unsustainability of the sport in its current guise, as, again, evidenced by this DOGS Trust report and the Deloitte Report. 
The Trainers Assistance Fund (TAF) is controlled by the GBGB. If any trainers need support please contact the GTA, we will bring your circumstances to the attention of, and request assistance from, the TAF. Please click here 'Contact Us

31st March 2015 - Letter to GBGB's CEO June 2014 

Letter sent to the Chief Executive Officer of GBGB June 2014, we have requested a response many times, so far without without success. You can view the letter here 
We hereby again request a response to these questions, many of which go to the heart of our industry's future. 

22nd March 2015 - Greyhound Trainers Association Five Grand 50/50 Raffle 

Organised by Dunham Racing Club to provide funds for the Greyhound Trainers Association. 
One prize - 50% of gross receipts up to a maximum of £5,000. 
Tickets £5 each 
Proceeds will be used for GTA greyhound welfare projects. 
The draw will take place at Dunham Greyhound Centre on Saturday 6th June at Noon. 
Tickets are available via the GTA website Contact, also at Dunham Greyhound Centre and from trainers at selected tracks. 
Promoter: C Burling, 1 Westfields, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12 7AJ. 
Registered with Stroud District Council under the Gambling Act, 2005. 
Registration No: 14/00260/GASSP 

22nd March 2015 - Greyhound Trainers Association Qualification in Caring for Racing Greyhounds 

The qualification consists of two parts: 
i) Checking your greyhound after it has raced. 
This includes identifying and treating common injuries and conditions immediately after a race and between races. 
ii) Keeping you and your greyhound safe 
This includes identifying the causes of common injuries and the potential hazards to dogs and humans at a greyhound track. 
Learners will either complete an assignment followed by an intensive days training and assessment at Dunham Greyhound Centre or attend a series of short sessions at Dunham. 
The assignment involves the learner providing evidence that they can carry out a range of kennel duties, and takes about 10 hours to complete. 
We already have 10 learners enrolled and can offer another 20 places to learners who are prepared to start in April/May. We would also like to hear from anyone who would be interested in starting at a later date. 
The fee for the general public is £100 including course materials. Financial assistance of up to 100% of the fee is available for learners nominated by GTA trainers. 
If you are interested, please e-mail our training organiser, 

21st February 2015 - Defra Review of Racing Greyhounds legislation 

Dear Trainer 
We have been expressly asked by Government department Defra to forward this email to you, the email contains a link to an on-line survey. 
Defra - "We are asking for your help with an important survey which is looking into the effectiveness of The Welfare of Racing Greyhound Regulations which came into force in 2010. 
Defra is carrying out a review which aims to look at the effectiveness of the legislation, whether the issues that led to the introduction of the Regulations are still valid and relevant; if so, whether regulation is still the best way of tackling those issues; and if regulation is still justified whether there are any areas where the Regulations can be improved. 
GfK NOP, the independent research company, has been commissioned to undertake key stakeholder interviews and data analysis. This online survey is designed to provide further information about specific areas to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute evidence. The data you provide will be used by Defra as part of this review as a supplement to the data collected by GfK. This is an evidence collection activity for those directly involved in the industry. The data collection stage will be followed by an open consultation in the summer of 2015. 
All information provided will be held securely, not used for any other purpose, and anonymised before any publication. We will not contact you to follow up your responses." 
End of Defra Statement. 
We have been informed by Defra that they "will not be able to speak to everyone in the industry and therefore have commissioned an online survey for Welfare organisations and Greyhound Trainers/Owners who are the two largest groups to make sure everyone can contribute and provide their comments." 
If you are a Trainer and have not received an email from us by Sunday 22nd February 2015 5pm please use 'Contact Us' to provide your name and email address and we will send you the email and link to the on-line survey. We have been asked not to put web-link on our site. 
In respect of any of your owners...the Chairman of FBGOA has also received the above request and we would recommend your owner(s) contact FBGOA if they have not heard from them shortly. 
THE ON-LINE SURVEY RUNS FROM 20 Feb 2015 to 16 Mar 2015 

10th February 2015 - GTA Trainers Championship Meeting at Sittingbourne March 25th 

The GTA is delighted to announce that the GTA Trainers Championship will be held at Sittingbourne. The Chairman would like to outline recent events. 
Towcester told the GTA and BAGS that it had a sponsor for our meeting. But both BAGS and the GTA were told on the eve of the BAGS deadline that there was, in fact, no sponsor. Towcester said they would sponsor it themselves - but at a much reduced rate both for owners and trainers. This was deemed unacceptable . 
The committee was therefore left to find a track and sponsor in less than 12 hours, and found a sponsor who wanted the event to be held at Sittingbourne. 
We would like to thank the sponsor and stadium for their support and all the contenders for accepting the invites from our Chairman. 
We welcome all supporters to the event and promise a night to remember with an all-open race card, so races are open to all trainers to enter. 

7th February 2015 - Dunham Greyhound Centre course on 28th February 2015 - now full 

The Dunham Greyhound Centre on behalf of the Greyhound Trainers Association course "Checking your Greyhounds" advertised yesterday has been oversubscribed, and is now full. Depending on the success of the course at end of February and feedback Dunham Greyhound Centre on behalf of the Greyhound Trainers Association will look at running future courses, if there is continuing demand. Many thanks for the enquiries and support. 

6th February 2015 - Dunham Greyhound Centre course on 28th February 2015 

An Introduction to Checking your Greyhounds 
A short, informal, course organised by Dunham Greyhound Centre on behalf of the Greyhound Trainers Association and is suitable for all greyhound racing practitioners. 
Participants will be required to be nominated by a licensed greyhound trainer (self nominations are acceptable) and will have to undertake a short telephone interview to establish prior knowledge and determine individual learning needs. 
This course will take place on Saturday 28th February at Dunham Greyhound Centre. It will start at 11.30am and refreshments and sandwiches will be provided. 
Learners will be provided with course notes and suggested further reading. 
As the course is partly intended to enable the GTA to evaluate learning methods and delivery, no charge will be made. The course will be limited to six learners with a range of experience. Participants do not have to be current GBGB license holders. 
The sessions will be delivered by Jane Houfton, assisted by a qualified adult education practitioner. 
Course details: 
Introductions, health & safety and housekeeping arrangements. 
Session 1: Examining a greyhound immediately following a race or trial. Identifying and treating minor injuries, re-hydration requirements and warning signs that a dog may need further attention. 
Session 2: Examining a greyhound within 24 hours of a race or trial. Checking muscles and ensuring that the dog is generally fit and well. 
Closing comments, feedback from participants and presentation of attendance certificates. 
How to apply: 
Email Charlie Burling, who is organising the course for Dunham and the GTA, at: 

23/12/2014 - Letter to Racing Post 

"Licence-holder" Sandy Dixon’s letter of 19th December...we note Mr Dixon is not a trainer but he claims to speak on behalf of (unnamed) Newcastle trainers and unnamed others across the country. We find this surprising as we received no adverse comment from October Trainers Statement sent to (among others)...Newcastle trainers, where we’ve asked trainers repeatedly for feedback. [can be viewed on our website]. 
Much of Mr Dixon’s comments are surprising…but given that he, purportedly, speaks for trainers we believe it right to correct areas where Mr Dixon may have, inadvertently, misled those trainers, including: 
There is no requirement to reapply for membership as Mr Dixon states in his “unthinkable” comment. Board structure and plans were covered clearly by GTA Secretary Dave Houfton in Racing Post earlier in the week – little more we can add other than ask Mr Dixon to read. 
If Mr Dixon is implying Rick Holloway has an additional 2 years over and above when he was democratically voted in by Trainers, this is simply untrue & inaccurate. 
Retired trainers can join Executive Committee only, upon democratic vote. Linda Jones is an example, a respected 2 time Champion Trainer with acknowledged strong welfare values, who despite retiring 9 years ago is still willing to give up some of her (retired) free time, unpaid, to travel across the country to support greyhounds and greyhound trainers as GTA Welfare Director. Mark Wallis has informed us he left the GTA and GBGB Committees because he was unable to commit to the significant time required and he wanted to return to fully concentrating on the training business (as printed in the press at the time) not because he could not work with the GTA. As for Mr Dixon’s comment on Mr Reynolds, there is little more to be said in respect of Mr Reynolds' resignations from GTA. 
Mr Dixon’s comments on GTA’s alienation and lack of engaging with the GBGB and meaningful discussions…the GTA were actually at GBGB offices on Wednesday 17th December, about the time presumably Mr Dixon, or others, put pen to paper, the discussion was meaningful and engaging, including Mr Watkins, a highly accomplished lawyer, confirming he understood completely the legal advice the GTA received and the rationale for incorporation given the position the current GTA Committee inherited. We presume Mr Dixon is not suggesting the GTA should have ignored legal analysis and advice….that could potentially detrimentally affect all trainers, albeit note Mr Dixon is not a trainer. 
Contrary to Mr Dixon’s comments the GTA has not aligned itself with any welfare group that wishes to close down Greyhound Racing, it is bizarre to suggest the Chairman, someone that loves greyhound racing and relies on it for his living, and represents trainers nationwide, would do so, or be allowed to do so by the GTA Committee. 
Mr Dixon comments on trainers and employees earning a living wage and on high welfare standards…we are pleased Mr Dixon has digested the GTA’s Statement of Case. 
The GTA Committee is a team of 6 people, we believe actions speak louder than words….and when those words call for Charlie Lister OBE and Welfare Director Linda Jones, an ex NGRC Steward, to step aside to be replaced by an unnamed Interim Chairman, and misrepresent the published views of the current Champion Trainer, with an accompanying list of other inaccuracies, the printing of such a letter in Racing Post does a disservice to the trainers of this country and the people working in the industry. 
GTA Committee 

9th December 2014 - GTA company - further information 

We previously posted a short article on GTA website News on 23rd October 2014 informing the GTA was now a company, briefly outlining rationale and informing that as a courtesy and in the interests of transparency we had informed the GBGB and asking trainers to contact us if they had any questions. 
There has been comment from some parties and we now wish to expand on subject. We did not initially wish to comment on previous GTA administration but think it unfair the current GTA management should attract criticism for steps that have been voted on in proper process, following legal advice, with the objective and outcome being to protect all trainers nationwide. 
Following GTA Committee initiating a review of its governance and records and considering the current environment and guidelines it was put forward for vote the proposal to dissolve the existing Association and take its business forward by incorporating a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) and transferring the assets and liabilities into such vehicle. 
We note here a not exhaustive list of rationale and have considered the following :- 
-The below animal related organisations and the reasons why they may have decided to become a CLG: 
-The fact that under 3.1 of the (old) constitution the position of members is unclear given for very many years new trainers have not delivered in writing consent to be admitted to GTA. We have formally requested records from previous Committee but have been verbally and expressly informed these do not exist. Written consent was a specific requirement to membership. 
-The fact that under 3.2 of the (old) constitution the position of members is unclear given “any member lapsing membership subscription by more than 3 months shall ipso-facto no longer be a member of the GTA”. We have formally requested records from previous Committee but have been verbally and expressly informed these do not exist. 
-Under 57b) of the (old) constitution; the requirement for records of proceedings to be kept of meetings of the Executive, AGM, and EGM’s. We have formally requested records from previous Committee but have been verbally and expressly informed these do not exist. 
-Under 61.3 of the (old) constitution the requirement for a register of GTA Members to be kept. We have formally requested records from previous Committee but have been verbally and expressly informed these do not exist. 
- Formal legal advice from a large Law Firm was received on the constitution where it queried the format and advised that it reads in parts as a limited company, including specific reference to Memorandum and Articles of Association, Directors and s652A Companies Act 1985; none of these actually apply to an unincorporated Association. 
-The (old) constitution’s exclusion of email as an efficient and effective method of communication, this was of course created in a different era, and times move on; Companies Act 2006 now allows for. And website can now be used for disseminating info. 
- The (old) constitution's clauses in respect of mental health and maximum age 75 years are no longer legal and required updating 
- Legal Structure for organisations including specifically relating to sports and animals, and also 
Welsh Rugby Union's website - please read page then click on "Club Structure-Incorporation" the first document under the Useful Documents red banner half way down the page 
Following careful consideration, given the significant uncertainties, difficulties and potential difficulties (existing and ongoing) created by the above and potential for dog and people welfare problems going forward, in order to protect all trainers in UK and to modernise and regularise the organisation it was recommended to transfer business to a fit for today’s purpose entity being a Company Limited by Guarantee. This being a formal Not for Profit, non dividend non bonus paying company. 
As the Welsh Ruby Union document states for an Association ALL members may be personally liable, not just Committee Members, Trustees etc. There is the question of those trainers who had given written consent to become a member (some years ago) and those that have not, and any legal differentiation between the two. Likewise in respect of subscriptions in terms of who has paid and who has not, and any legal differentiation between the two. The (old) constitution expressly called for written notice to be given to amend any rate of subscription (this would include amending to zero). Regrettably, despite the GTA spending a lot of time on this, we have been informed by previous Committee there are no records. As a consequence of this we have had to place significant weight on legal advice we have received in terms of the optimum method to move forward given the position the current Committee inherited. 
The company status of the GTA was seen as the modern most appropriate way forward among those who voted, particularly given the GTA's sphere of operation, and to address the governance shortcomings inherited. A wish to legally protect ALL trainers was not the only, but was a driving, consideration in terms of preparatory work and placing the potential constitution amendment on the published Notice of AGM Agenda and in subsequent discussions among those that attended the AGM. The time and expense expended on this matter was not welcome but was needed to address the position the GTA faced. 
The GTA wish to be open and transparent and operates to good business practice. All actions are minuted, and records retained as per legislation. If you have any questions please Contact us, quoting trainer name if you are a trainer if your email address does not clearly indicate your name. 
Thank you for reading. 
The GTA Committee 

11th November 2014 - VFirst offer a low cost accountancy service to trainers 

Please see services of GTA advertiser VFirst accountancy. VFirst offer a low cost accountancy service to trainers and workers within the greyhound industry. VFirst specialise in submitting Ltd company accounts and self-assessment 'sole trader/self employed' returns for greyhound trainers. Including HMRC returns and avoiding filing penalties. Proprietor has links back to Hackney stadium, has 2 retired at home and has experience of the industry and greyhound trainers accounts/accounting. Of particular interest may be if there are any benefits you can claim relating to your work specific to being a greyhound trainer. Also can offer advice on website design and marketing. Please look at the VFirst website and its services and contact them for a discussion. The service is provided independent of the GTA. 

9th November 2014 - Press Release - Charlie Lister 

Like many others I speak to as I travel around the country I despair at what's happening to our great sport. 
I find it difficult to get my dogs’ micro chipped. I find it equally hard to get suitable trial preparation for my racing dogs. What incentive is there for trainers to invest in improving their business, or their kennels or encouraging their staff to make a career within the industry? How are the majority managing to fund their kennel operation? Most tell me they are “living from day to day” and worrying how they can make ends meet at the end of each month. Good owners are leaving the sport and new ones are increasingly hard to find and with the current prize-money on offer how can they honestly expect to attract new owners, or keep their existing ones? The number of owners is decreasing and the number of dogs owned by trainers is increasing. 
On the Panorama programme Ricky merely said it as it is “Deloitte showed this was an industry from which the bookmakers make annual profits of £237 million yet my members are losing a net £3 million.” That doesn't seem right to me and we wonder why people are talking about cheating, pills, syringes and god knows what when it comes to betting? 
Why shouldn’t owners’ be given regular up to date information on track safety? They are the people after all spending good money on their dogs and should know that they are running on the safest circuits. 
It wouldn’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that things need to change and that the hands-on people in the industry have to get a much fairer deal. 
The problem is these reports (like the recent one by Deloitte) come out telling the trainers and the owners how poorly off they are and how nobody really values them and then the report gets put on a shelf somewhere and it all gets forgotten about. Surely people can see that this has to be put right if the industry is to survive? In my opinion (and I am not alone in this thinking) if the industry continues to be starved of resources it will get far worse, more people will leave it, more scandals, more disillusionment, less owners, breeders and less buying of dogs. In my timber merchants all parties to the business have to be happy with the arrangement or business doesn't continue. 
For those trainers calling for Ricky's head, I invite them to read the GTA's Statement of Case and the DEFRA/DCMS Government report both on the GTA website. In my time I have seen people knock on the door of those in charge of the sport and like Ricky they found the door locked. What I like about Ricky is he hasn’t gone away like the others and he’s still here knocking on the door. For all his so called faults Ricky Holloway has lifted the lid on the problems within the sport and it doesn’t matter now how hard people try to close it the genie is out of the bottle. 
I support Ricky Holloway as Chairman of the GTA and I support him and Linda Jones going to Government, with my letter asking for an Independent Review, with the full agreement of all of the GTA Committee. Ricky and the Committee were locked out of talks with those running the sport. I wrote a letter pointing out the problems jointly with Ricky back in May of this year. To this day I am still awaiting a reply. 
I have to hand it to Ricky and the GTA Committee it takes a lot of guts to stand in the firing line day after day and face the criticism aimed at them (sometimes very personal) but it is very clear to me that people who care about this great sport and it’s future are starting to sit up and listen. 
In my opinion we can continue to fight amongst ourselves until there is nothing left to fight over or we can back the GTA’s demands for a fairer deal for all. 
Charlie Lister OBE 

6th November - Press Statement - John Mullins Racing Post article 

It is correctly reported in the Racing Post article that Ricky Holloway did not wish to comment regarding John Mullins intention to garner support for a ‘motion of no confidence’ in his democratically elected position of Chair of the GTA. 
The Committee of the Greyhound Trainers Association wish to go on public record to state that Ricky Holloway agreed to be interviewed by Panorama “because no-one was speaking up for greyhound racing.” We believe the Chair of the GTA gave a very clear and unambiguous account of greyhound racing in the United Kingdom today. 
The Chairman of the GTA continues to enjoy the full support of the Committee. 
If John Mullins had chosen to seek the advice of the GTA Committee on the path he is reported to be taking, we should have advised him to continue with what he does best and to concentrate his efforts and attention upon training greyhounds and winning races. 
The general perception and feedback we have received is that Ricky Holloway came across very well on the Panorama programme. He enjoys more support now than ever. In fact it is disingenuous of the Racing Post to maintain its sustained negative campaign against the GTA and the Committee when it is evident for all to see that the GTA was not the subject of investigation by the Panorama Team. 
The members of the GTA Committee believe greyhound enthusiasts will draw their own conclusions from the Panorama programme. 
The GTA Committee 

4th November 2014 - Press Statement - Panorama programme broadcast 3rd November 

Following the broadcast of the Panorama programme last evening (3rd November 2014) the GTA considers the actions it recommended at a recent meeting with officials from Government DEFRA and the Department of Media, Culture & Sport are even more urgent today, than yesterday; 
1) The publishing of injury statistics. 
2) The inadequacies of the Retirement Form and the subsequent lack of monitoring. 
3) Given the failure to address many of the sports issues, a formal independent review of the sport is required. 
End of Statement 

30th October 2014 - Trainers Statement 

"Dear Trainer, 
If you are a trainer reading this email and we don't have your email address or mobile number (for texting) or you know of a trainer we don't have details for, please provide this information to the email address below so we can contact you/them for future communications. Please pass this email update to any trainer you believe may not have it. 
Please find at first attachment a single slide-page detailing key actions of the GTA since spring 2014. 
The GTA has recruited Vfirst Accountant with experience of completing accounts/filing/advice tailored to trainer’s specific needs and in addition offers competitive rates. Please see their website and 'flyer'. If you would like to enquire about this please contact them direct. This confidential service is provided independent of the GTA. 
1. Performance Statistics 
Under 'Racing Info' dropdown menu the GTA publishes trainer graded and open success statistics by track, trap success for graded and open racing by track, and 'how favourites do'. Please email if you find this data of value and would like to see this continue. (please note this question is NOT in respect of the Trainers Championship for Open Racing statistics) 
2. Trainer Industry Concerns/The Future 
Despite repeated requests the GTA has not received a feedback reply from the BGRF or GBGB to its May 2014 Statement of Case
The GTA wrote a letter 10th June 2014 to the CEO of the GBGB requesting information on serious industry concerns affecting trainers. A reply received on the 11th June 2014 said the GBGB would respond "in due course", but no response has been received to date, despite email reminders in early and late August. On the 5th September a response was finally received to yet another email reminder of previous day. The response (from the CEO) in its entirety read: "I acknowledge receipt of your e-mail" 
The Deloitte Report (March 2014) diagnosed the poor conditions facing the sport and trainers in particular. The report stated that trainers make an “estimated net loss of £3m" p.a "with a £237m gross win for bookmakers with estimated 18% margin". We are aware that individual trainers have their own unique problems as to how they are being affected by this statistic and will no doubt have opinions on how these problems can be alleviated. We want to hear from you. 
Since issuing the Statement of Case in May 2014 the GTA has been organising itself to be better able to communicate with and mobilise trainers across the country in matters affecting us all. We aim to promote and effectively utilise the unique position trainers hold within the sport. We understand trainers have no practical representation to input into industry decisions or direction, and collectively and with your support and assistance, we intend to rectify this glaring injustice. 
The GTA met with the Government Department of Sport in late October 2014 to discuss matters of concern for trainers within the present governance framework of the industry. We put forward a request for an Independent Review of the sport as outlined in our Statement of Case. However, we are mindful that Government matters take time. We are extremely keen to hear your views in all of this and how we proceed together within the industry both now and in the future. 
The GTA is proposing a series of 3 meetings of trainers, one in the North/Scotland, one in the Midlands and one in the South. We are proposing to hold the meetings for all trainers as early as possible, the dates depend on feedback from you the trainers. This is your opportunity to inform the GTA as to what you want from us and what you consider it important for the GTA to be doing, in both the short and medium term on your behalf. The GTA represents you as licensed trainers and we aim to modernise enabling us to mobilise and unite all trainers across the UK. Our aim is to make the Greyhound Trainers Association a strong, united, respected and valued force for change within the greyhound racing industry. 
Please email any feedback, suggestions or enquiries on the above information via 'Contact' or by email to 
Remember to visit this page for regular News updates. Finally, and most importantly we want to hear from you." 'Contact' 

29th October 2014 - GTA meets with Government over industry concerns 

The GBGB & BGRF have not responded to repeated requests for feedback on the GTA's Statement of Case published earlier this year. 
The GTA & trainers are not being consulted or engaged in the running of the sport and therefore the GTA considered that the only appropriate way forward was to approach the Government directly. 
The GTA has now met with officials from DEFRA and the Department of Media, Culture & Sport and presented a report which outlined specific areas where action needs to be taken: 
1) The publishing of injury statistics. 
2) The inadequacies of the 'Green Form' and the subsequent lack of monitoring. 
3) Given the failure to address many of the issues in the sport, a formal independent review of the sport is required. 
The Government received our report and letters of support from Charles Lister OBE and Clarissa Baldwin OBE. The report and letters have been sent to around 40 MP's, political parties, press, broadcasters & animal welfare groups. Please see report & letters here: GTA Report to Government 

28th October 2014 - Swansalona Diva is British Breeders' Stakes Champ 

Congratulations to Kevin Hutton and connections on winning the £8,000 British Breeders' Stakes at Nottingham with Swansalona Diva. Tracking very cleverly throughout Diva came with a barnstorming late run out of the third bend to set up a home straight shoot out with Golden Apple. Diva not to be outgunned delivered a powerful finish to get up in the shadow of the line to become the Champ. Very best wishes to all on your success. A true British Bred success with connections owning Diva from 8 weeks and being reared by Sara Monk in Wales and bred by Noreen Power & Colin Mead out of their brilliant bitch Odell Faith, Diva's sire being "Here comes The [College] Causeway". Like father, like daugther. Well done all. 

27th October 2014 - Report by The League Against Cruel Sports launch/dated 28th October 2014 - PRESS RELEASE 

In May 2014 the GTA released a Statement of Case and we draw your attention to the conclusion on page 12 of this document: Statement of Case . According to the Independent on Sunday (26th October 2014) the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) intend to launch a report at the House of Commons on Tuesday 28th October 2014. 
Although the GTA has had no collaboration with LACS, we note that LACS has referenced our document on a number of occasions within its report. It is worthy of note that whilst LACS has obviously read and quoted directly from the Statement of Case the GBGB has, so far, refused to acknowledge the document, or indeed, engage in any dialogue with us regarding the content. It is interesting that our document has received acknowledgement and reference by the League Against Cruel Sports rather than from greyhound racing’s governing body. The GTA wish to draw the industry’s attention to this paradox in an honest attempt at generating constructive dialogue on the important issues outlined within the Statement of Case. 

23rd October 2014 - GTA transitions into company 

Following legal advice the GTA has transitioned into a limited company. Its legal name is unchanged Greyhound Trainers Association (there is no "Limited" after name as it's a Not for Profit, Non Dividend Non Bonus Paying company). The legal advice concerned the GTA’s position (including governance inherited from previous committee) and its steps into a company. Recent legislative constitution modernization amendment requirements and legal structure guidelines in respect of sporting associations and particularly with regard to entities working with animals were considered. As a courtesy and in the interests of transparency we have informed the GBGB. There will be no day to day changes for trainers. Please send email via 'Contact' if you are a trainer (quoting trainer name) and have any questions. 

20th October 2014 - Cornamaddy Jumbo Grand National Champ, Underground Paul Kent Derby Champ - Sittingbourne 

Congratulations to Mark Wallis winning the Cat 1 Friends of Sittingbourne £8,000 Grand National with a rocket display from the traps from Cornamaddy Jumbo holding to claim the title in a thrilling finish. Also to Paul Yound for winning the Cat 2 John Smith's, £5,000 Kent Derby with a strong display from Underground Paul, so soon after winning the Steel City Cup. Congratulations to all connections. 

15th October 2014 - Pat Rosney You Only Live Once in All England Cup 

Congratulations to Pat Rosney and connections in getting Newinn Yolo up in the shadow of line with a very determined run in the William Hill £10,000 to the winner Category 1 All England Cup at Newcastle. Newinn Yolo has now won Category 1 Caffreys Puppy Classic and All England Cup. Yolo just got the better of Pin Point Maxi who led nearly all the way with heart breaking loss for Kelly Macari & connections on their home track but must take huge credit for getting Pin Point Maxi back after such severe injury.  

9th October 2014 - Millwards Teddy is Yorkshire St Leger Champion 

Congratulations to Dean Childs and his team in the fantastic training of Millwards Teddy to win the £8,000 to winner Pin Point Recruitment Yorkshire St Leger at Doncaster live on Sky Sports with a powerful performance. Best wishes to all connections and to Pinpoint for continuing excellent sponsorship.  

6th October 2014 - GTA Update 

The GTA was dismayed to hear that GBGB will not interact with the RPGTV stakeholder. We would have thought the GBGB would be taking every opportunity to appear on RPGTV and promote the industry/sport in its stated responsibility as a lead for commercial development and growth of the sport. 
I was contacted very recently by Panorama and interviewed late September in my capacity as Chairman of GTA. I was informed by Panorama that it contacted GBGB in respect of matters they are investigating and asked for an interview/comment but GBGB declined to be interviewed nor comment. Given GBGB’s seeming absence of comment, I felt I needed to stand up for the industry and explained the hard work of trainers and their staff, the pressures they are under, their affection for their greyhounds and the economic problems they face in earning a living and caring for their dogs. 
Following the Deloitte Report and its absence of summary conclusions, recommendations or actions the GTA feel the industry is in crisis without a clear plan of where it’s going. Many people are asking questions about the leadership of the industry. 
The GTA proposes to call 3 meetings of trainers, split geographically...South, Midlands, North/Scotland. We hope to hold these meetings asap and invite the feedback of trainers. We think it may be useful for the meetings to focus on what trainers’ views are on the Industry’s lack of direction and the engagement of various critical stakeholders and how this can be changed. If trainers desire such meetings, when finalized details will be placed on the website. 
The GTA has been invited to meet with DEFRA in October as part of Lord de Mauley’s Welfare Review of Racing Greyhounds and give its views on welfare. This month we are due to meet with the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) that is keen to hear our views on the running of the sport and the future. 
We have been doing much work on Governance and IT and will be updating you in the near future. It is our intention, aside from suggested 3 meetings, to contact trainers soon with an update of what we believe are topical & important issues and for you to give us your views on way forward. 
Please feedback your views on the above, and particularly the suggested 3 meetings…format, agenda, invitees, venues, day/times etc by using the ‘Contact’ form. 
Thank you for reading. 
Rick Holloway 
Chairman - Greyhound Trainers Association 

30th September 2014 - Underground Paul is Steel City Cup champion 

Congratualtions to Paul Young and connections on Underground Paul powering home on the run in to win the Sheffield Steel City Cup at Owlerton and Betfred's £7,500 first prize, live on SKY Sports. Fantastic training by Paul and the Burton Lodge team to have Underground Paul return to brilliant form following his injury problems. Paul firmly in 2nd place in Ladbrokes Trainers Championship. Well played. 

29th September 2014 - Regulated Financial Solutions to again sponsor Wimbledon Puppy Derby 

A big thank you to John Turner (of Jaytee prefix fame) and his company RFS for sponsoring the £6,000 Wimbledon Puppy Derby for the 2nd consecutive year. Heats will be on 1st and 7th November with final on SKY SPORTS on Tuesday 11th November in a card shared with the William Hill St Leger. 

24th September 2014 - GTA Fundraiser weekends 11th/12th and 18th/19th October 

GTA is holding fundraising weekends 11th/12th October and 18th/19th October via greyhoundscene with auctions ending Sunday evening at 10.30 p.m 
The objective is to assist with general costs including in respect of one off IT costs and cost of exercise to collect email addresses f rom the c800 Trainers where they have them and separate costs creating a governance framework from scratch. Other general costs e.g organizing meetings, stationary, postage and representing trainers at enquiries and regarding legal advice, and meeting with parties interested in the management of the Industry etc, have also needed to be met. 
The primary aim task for GTA now is to engage with Trainers where possible by email, but also SMS, and mail to inform of topical issues in the industry and to seek views on what should happen and how, where appropriate. 
If you have items/services that you would like to kindly donate please send email via "Contact Us". All donations will be gratefully received and funds generated put to good use in trying to improve the industry. 

18th September 2014 - Swift Keith is East Anglian Derby Champion 

Congratulations to John Mullins on training the winner of the £15,000 Totepool East Anglian Derby on his home track live on SKY Sports. From an unfamiliar track Trap 6 draw Swift Keith the February '12 son of Van's Escalade and Swift Sandy powered home on the run-in in a race where all six in the field were in contention coming out of the third bend to set up a thrilling finish in the sea mist of Yarmouth. 

17th September 2014 - BAGS/SIS 2014 Track Championship plans unveiled 

BAGS has unveiled 2014 Track Championship plans with Grand Finals day on 23rd December at a neutral venue televised live on SKY. 10 per cent of all prize money from the qualifying rounds and Grand Finals will be paid to winning trainers. Total prize money, including trophies and travel allowances, promises to be in excess of £200,000. Finals Day will comprise 10 events, two staying races, and two each of the standard unrestricted, dogs and bitches, plus one sprint and one puppy race. 
For qualifiers information and rule changes for this year’s event please see BAGS Track Championship 

16th September 2014 - Totepool East Anglian Derby 

Yarmouth tomorrow sees the final of the Totepool East Anglian Derby with a prize of £15,000 to the winner live on SKY Sports. In a final of six unseeded runners we wish to send our congratulations to all finalists and the best of luck to all connections for a safe and trouble free race. Charlie Lister O.B.E is going for an unprecedented 12th East Anglian Derby win with Southern Mesut and the 2013 Derby Champ Sidaz Jack. 

15th September 2014 - Powerhouse Laughil Blake is Irish Derby Champion 

Regular Wimbledon Derby visitor Michael O’Donovan has enjoyed an incredible adventure with his charge Laughil Blake fairly dominating the 2014 Boylesports Irish Derby. The March ’12 son of Brett Lee used his customary acceleration in the run up to blast clear at the first bend and turn the race – and the competition – into a procession, with veteran superstars Tyrur Sugar Ray and Ballymac Vic following him home. Very many congratulations to connections. Congratulations also to Paul Young who valiantly took Droopys Ward to the semi-final and starting from an unfamiliar Trap 4 encountered enormous trouble out of the traps, in run up and first bend, and at third bend without which he would have surely gone on to qualify for the final, finishing just 1.5 lengths behind a clear trouble free run from the great Tyrur Sugar Ray. 

19th August 2014 - GTA AGM 10th September 2014 Peterborough 

Greyhound Trainers Association AGM 10/9/2014, 5.30pm Lime Tree, Paston Lane, Peterborough, PE4 6HA 
1. Summary of activity & progress since last AGM 
2. Financial summary of year 
3. Focus areas for 12 months ahead, GBGB, TAF, Formal Review 
4. Modernization of constitution document, including ability to utilize email; amendment to proxy vote; Committee member experience 
5. Election of all Committee members, excluding Chairman. 
6. AOB 
Refreshments will be available to purchase on site. 

14th August 2014 - New GTA Website 

Welcome to the new website of the Greyhound Trainers Association! On this website we will publish latest News and other information relevant to Trainers, the GTA & the industry. The existing website '' will continue but will be focussed around publishing of the existing latest performance figures for the Trainers Championship and other similar stats. The web access route for these figures is unchanged. 

12th August 2014 - Irish Derby 2nd Round - Good luck to British Raiders! 

The 2nd Round gets underway Thursday and Saturday and we are sure like us you will be rooting for the British dogs and cheering them to qualification for Round 3 next weekend. Best of luck to all connections. 
4th August 2014 - GTA Response to Steve Fluin 

We welcome Steve Fluin's article in Racing Post of 31st July. Many of the areas of concern Steve mentions and his proposals mirror those which we have been highlighting. The GTA, as ever, is willing to speak to and work with any party that has the interest of greyhounds, greyhound racing's future and its people at heart. We will write separately to Steve with our thoughts. 

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